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About Me

I'm Theodor Todorov a commercial photographer based in Bulgaria and Greece, Europe who specializes in photographing luxury hotels and resorts, residential interiors, food and beverages, aerial photography and videography.

Behind every photograph there is a lot of work, passion and knowledge, so my purpose is to create recognizable images that speak for themselves.

With over 15 years of experience in the field of architectural photography I succeeded to become a reliable and preferred partner for Hotels and Resorts, Interior designers, Architectural companies, Restaurants, Tour operator companies. Among my clients are names such as Albena Resort, Balkan Holidays, HVD Hotels, Effect hotels, Schauinsland reisen-germany, Casa di Fiore hotel, Chukara Hotel, Blu Bay hotel, Amelia hotel, Del Mar hotel, Milos, Greece and over 150 private hotels and residential properties.

If you’d like to get familiar with my work, please check the portfolio.